An invitational space designed by Digby Scott to evolve future-fit leadership

About us 

Welcome to Co-Lab.  An invitational learning and connection space designed by Digby Scott to inspire the collective brilliance to create and lead in new ways. We call this deliberate leadership - and this means:

  • knowing who you are and what you stand for. 
  • acting with purpose and vision from that grounded place. 
  • having the wisdom and perspective to lead through the messiness of uncertainty. 
  • having the confidence to know you have a lot to offer while having the humility to know that you’re not at the centre of it all.

Co-Lab is our investment in leaders choosing to develop and be guided to find depth in their leadership, long after a workshop has ended.

Our intention is to create an ecosystem that supports leaders to become future-fit.  At their own pace, in their own time to enable continuous learning whilst building on initiatives and advocacy efforts.

Through our in-person experiences and engagement on Co-Lab, we're bringing the value of belonging to a connected community.  A network finding common ground and where doors open for collaboration and collective impact - in a trusted space with peers bringing fresh perspectives to deepen our learning. 

Transitioning into the best version of yourself does not have to be a lonely and disconnected experience. Our desire is for each leader in a programme to feel and be connected with like-minds.  So enrolling in a Digby Scott programme will include your membership to Co-Lab. With curated private and community learning and connections spaces - and access to Digby and his library of resources and programme curriculums.

Join us - and move beyond noisy distractions to build your confidence and ability to get on with doing the work that truly matters.  

Ehora taku toa i te toa takitahi engari he toa takitini 

- my success is not mine alone, it is the success of the collective.

Co-Lab Membership

Right now, we’re offering membership to Co-Lab when you sign up for Your Life By Design course. You can sign up for that below - Scroll down to view the plan!

Looking to sign up for Change Makers Foundation programme?  We are opening the doors to a new cohort in February 2024 - and you can now apply to join. Get in touch with us today

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